Hemp Paper Reams
Hemp Paper Reams

Hemp Paper Reams


Want to print your own hemp paper while stepping up your home or office sustainability game? 

Maybe you want to use a plant-based paper for your business to print in-house copies. Or maybe you’re trying to make more sustainable choices for your home office. While we’re pros at doing all kinds of custom printing, from hemp business cards to product packaging, sometimes you need your own stash of sustainable plant-based paper. Whether you need a lighter paper stock for printing invoices or brochures, or a heavier weight for a short run of postcards, we’ve got you covered. Our tree-free hemp paper works for digital copiers as well as inkjet or laserjet printers. 

Our standard hemp paper reams are 8.5” x 11” but if you need a custom size for your project, click the “Place an Order” button below and let us know what size and how much you need. 

Explore our hemp paper stock, available in 4 different weights for any of your printing needs:

  • 60# Text (450 sheets) - A simple solution for making your run-of-the-mill copies more sustainable. We use this 60# Text paper stock in our own office for printing invoices and in-house documents.
  • 80# Text (350 sheets) - A bit thicker than the 60# Text, this paper stock works great for brochures or posters. Whether your business is product or service-based, level-up your marketing with premium trifolds printed on paper made of a regenerative resource.
  • 10pt Cover (250 sheets) - Our 10pt Cover stock is perfect for an honest to goodness poster, postcard, or flyer. This is the stock we use for Crutch Cards and we find it to be an excellent option for promotional material at events as well as inserts for online orders, thank you cards, and informational cards.
  • 18pt Cover (150 sheets) - Your gateway to premium sustainable presentation, the 18pt Cover makes for beautiful business cards, postcards, and even packaging.

Not sure which to choose? Click “Place an Order” below and one of our Sustainability Advisors will help you choose the right fit for your printing needs.


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"It has been a pleasure doing business with such great customer service. We will be back."

"We appreciate your passion for your product and the hemp industry!"


We use only Hemp Paper because it’s sustainably sourced and promotes the growth of one of the greatest plants on Earth.

Our Hemp Paper stock is produced in America, Acid Free, Chlorine Free and in all ways Chemical Free. 25% of the fiber is sustainably sourced from European Hemp fields, the remaining 75% is Post-Consumer Recycle.

When compared with traditional tree paper, choosing Hemp Paper results in:

  • 45% less energy used
  • 38% less greenhouse gasses produced
  • 45% less wastewater generated
  • 50% less solid waste created
  • 100% fewer trees used

Disclaimer: There’s a reason not many print shops want to print on hemp paper: it’s hard! We’ve spent years getting it down to a science and calibrating our machines specifically for this paper. So while printing in-house invoices and short-run print jobs is one thing, if you've got a bigger print job you want to get done, we got you! Reach out to one of our Sustainability Advisors (sales@printedonhemp.com) and they'll guide you through the designing and print process.