Hemp paper packaging photographed outdoors with cannabis.
Outdoor photo with hemp paper packaging samples from Hemp Press.
Sample hemp paper packaging photographed outdoors.
Hemp paper packaging samples for pre roll tubes photographed outdoors.
Open Origami Style Pre Roll Box designed by Hemp Press
Closed Origami Style Pre Roll Box designed by Hemp Press

Hemp Packaging Samples


Hemp Packaging Samples

Changing the way you print is a great way to start your business' journey towards sustainable practices. With the growth of conscientious consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, you can place your business at the forefront of making real change and providing a better customer experience.

You'll receive a variety of free hemp paper and hemp paper packaging samples to help you decide how we can customize and accommodate your business needs. 

If you have a specific size or sample in mind, reach out to us at Sales@PrintedOnHemp.com and talk to one of our Sustainability Advisors.