Custom Packaging Die Pass

Custom Packaging Die Pass


What is a packaging die and why does it cost so much!?
A die is used to custom cut the shape of your box, like a cookie cutter for paper! Most print shops will charge their customers anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for one. As if that upfront cost isn’t enough of a burden, over time there are added expenses as dies need to be sharpened and repaired. That’s a dated and broken approach to packaging solutions!

In 2020, we decided to introduce a new method using our sustainable approach to packaging that is designed to positively impact both our planet and your pocket book!

Introducing the Die Library System

Rather than buying individual dies to meet your packaging needs we allow you to access our entire library of existing packaging dies at a fraction of the cost. But it gets better, if we don’t have a perfect fit for your container or product already in our library, we can make a custom fit for you.
Standard Packaging Die Pass: $180/die**
Oversize Packaging Die Pass: $240/die**

Compare that to the costs of owning your dies:
Engineering a custom Die: $140/hr
Manufacturing a Die: $300 - $3000/die
Repairs, Maintenance, and Storage: $100-$3000/year
Average Custom Engineered Die Cost From Competitor: $1800

But wait! There's more. Your Die Pass is refundable!
If you purchase a packaging die pass and you decide to put a hold on your project or not go through with a packaging order and would like a refund - no problem!

Any die in our library is yours to use unlimited times for this one time cost.**
* Restrictions apply. Purchase is non-refundable if a dieline is provided. Limit 1 die per pass. Questions? Contact