Our Hemp Paper

We use only Hemp Paper because it’s sustainably sourced and promotes the growth of one of the greatest plants on Earth.

Our Hemp Paper stock is produced in America, Acid Free, Chlorine Free and in all ways Chemical Free. 50% of the fiber is sustainably sourced from organic hemp fields, the remaining 50% is Post-Consumer Recycle.

When compared with traditional tree paper, choosing our Hemp Paper results in:

  • 48% less energy used
  • 85% less greenhouse gasses produced
  • 65% less wastewater generated
  • 59% less solid waste created
  • 100% fewer trees

Disclaimer: There’s a reason not many print shops want to print on hemp paper: getting it right takes hard work! We’ve spent years mastering the art and calibrating our machines specifically for our world renown hemp papers. So while printing in-house invoices and short-run print jobs is one thing, if you've got a bigger print job you want to get done, we're the experts! Reach out to one of our Sustainability Advisors (sales@printedonhemp.com) and they'll walk you through any print project you can imagine.