Kate Goldsworthy
Project Coordinator
Gared Sanne
Sustainable Partnerships
Peter Lee
Howdy! As Project Coordinator at Hemp Press, I oversee the various print and packaging projects our clients bring to us - whether you need posters or a custom box, you can count on me to keep track of all the details! In my free time I can be found field checking proposed timber sales with Aspen the Dog, foraging on public lands, or baking sourdough. I create and maintain connections to grow eco-consciousness among businesses to build a sustainable, greener tomorrow.
Maintaining those connections and figuring out the right fit for your project is what I'm all about. Out side of work, I...



Samantha Sierra
Brand Manager/Designer
Evan Green
Graphic Designer
Adam Potts
Sr. Graphic Designer
Piecing together all the right elements and creating a story for you to delight in is what makes me tick. I create beautiful content for print/digital projects, branding, social media, and anything else that comes my way. Outside of work, you'll find me writing and sketching on the Pacific Coast or hiking in the forest to revive my spirit. I'm an illustrator and designer for the Hemp Press design team. With over 20 years experience as an artist, I've got the expert knowledge, skills, and experience to bring your company's vision to life. Whether it be logo creation, full-color illustrations, or branding/rebranding your company, I've got you covered! In my free time I can be found hanging out in downtown Eugene with my wife, jammin' out on my guitar, or reading my massive comic book collection.



Nate Sanne
Press Operator
Dani Wenke
Press Assistant
Angel Burch
I oversee many print production and various post production tasks for our hemp paper products. I cut the paper for the presses and perf cards for our crutch cards as well as do all finishing and cutting needed. I also keep tabs on project timelines so products get through the production floor efficiently. I enjoy spending time at home with my husband and all my animals.
Matt Clark
Bekha Zeimetz
Production Assistant